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We've done our very best to make our service into a true hand-off approach for ad management. The idea is that we put a system in place where you do exactly the same steps each time you sell a client and then that client gets "handed off" to us. We take everything from there and you can rinse and repeat stepping right back into selling.


What We Expect from You


Of course, your primary objective is to sell ads into your pub. But once that ad is sold, there are really two things that you need to do to facilitate the hand-off.


1. Enter the order into the portal.

2. Introduce us to your client via an introduction email. (We provide the template for this introduction.)


Once these two things have been done and we see that introduction email, we will immediately respond to the client and begin the work of collecting assets and getting them setup.

Over the course of time, there are some other things that we also look to you for. They are the following:


1. Keep good contact information in our hands. (Primarily email addresses.) If we have a bad email address, we will notify you that it is getting returned to us. We rely on the client tracker to send reminder emails each month. If a client doesn't have current information in the client tracker, they may not be getting the reminder.

2. Keep us informed on any dialogue that you have with the clients regarding their ads. This is very easy to do using the client tracker and we have implemented some very simple communication guidelines that the client tracker nicely facilitates. 

3. Be available if we need your help either reaching a client or delivering delicate information to the clients. Sometimes clients are hard to please. We want to do everything that we can to serve them and establish value, but from time to time it becomes necessary for you to help out with those particularly difficult cases.

4. Help us by supporting our initiatives. Our goal is to highly reduce the demands that we place upon the clients. For this reason, we encourage the advanced ad scheduling approach. While this cannot work for every client and we fully recognize this, 90% or more clients can greatly benefit from this strategy. We don't want to become overbearing and would never force a client onto a program, but your help in communicating good information and being passionate regarding the benefits of this strategy help us to sell your clients into the program.


What You Can Expect from Us


We love to be innovative… and I love to bring new tools and ideas that help Area Directors to become more efficient and simplify the sales and client relationship process. I have provided many tools already including a Welcome Letter for each new client, a Support Document to help explain our philosophy, a Client Tracker to help us communicate with one another regarding your clients and the status of their ads, email templates to standardize communication with the clients, and an Advanced Scheduling Program which when implemented can really help alleviate the monthly demands upon your clients and allow you to focus upon the positive aspects of their presence in the publication. We wrap all of this up into a very organized and methodical approach for handling your clients needs each month. Our process consists of the following actions each month:


1. Integrate New Clients into the publication with a 'hands-on' approach.

2. Send out the monthly reminder email.

3. Collect assets and ads each month for the assembling of ads to be submitted to the N2 Designers via Pub Manager. 

4. Review all ad proofs for quality and forward quality proofs to the client for review.

5. Facilitate any change requests for clients.

6. Submit final approval of ads to N2.

7. Maintain an up-to-date Client Tracker for you to see the status of your ads.

8. Perform one review of the initial pub proof before the first round of revisions against three criteria: Presence, Correctness (verify that requested changes are represented), and Placement.

9. Work with clients over time to introduce them and roll them into the Advanced Ad Scheduling Program.


What these 9 items represent are a honed in approach to Ad Management. There are obviously things that are not included here that have been a part of the VPA program, so I think it's worth noting the things that we do not do.


1. Renewal Programs (We don't send out renewal emails. We will be happy to help you strategize with renewals, however, and arm you for that meeting.)

2. Collections of any kind.

3. Sales entry into the Portal

4. Index Creation (Indecies automated by the Pub Manager.)

5. Subscriber Lists


Lastly I should include that we make a high effort to drive the quality of ads as much as possible. Traditionally, this has been a source of stress between Area Directors and the N2 Designers. We've found that many Area Directors struggle mostly because they don't know how or what to ask for. Here at the Ad Junkies, the relationship with N2 has become a capstone of our service and our goal is to help you solve this problem. In that spirit we make every effort to be as intentional and clear with direction as possible regarding ad creation requests. When the work that we get back doesn't meet our standard of quality, we engage the designers in a cooperative way that gets the results you're looking for. Our policy is that we continue to revise until we have something that we are proud to show the client. If a client is requesting a proof, sometimes we will show them where we are at in the process just so they can know that we are working their ad, but generally speaking we try to keep an ad under wraps until we're ready to show it to the client. Our goal is quality.


If you are ready to put the Ad Junkies to work for you, please click the link below to register. Once we have your registration, we will contact you to confirm your starting month and get you plugged in.

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