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Boy what a motley crew... Here's a bunch of passion all wrapped up in a bundle of people who eek clever character. Looking for PhD's? You got em. Dual Masters degrees, graphic artists, psychologists, philanthropists, photographers, dog lovers, mountain climbers, adventurers, explorers, teachers, moms and a dad. Yup we pretty much sum up the word 'Awesome'! But as much as all of that, we have a passion for ads, talking about em, building em, re-working em and plugging em in! We have a lot of fun together and we're so excited about what the future holds. Watch out world! Here come the Ad Junkies!

Our Team


Our Optimus Prime Junkie. Her professional (and personal) background is unique and varied and she is constantly meeting that next challenge in the face. She is INVESTED in growing a phenomenal team of ad warriors who will become your next valued team member and the epitome of excellence.

Anna Price

Chief Operational Officer

Ad Junkie
+ Social Media Manager

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Featured Company by America's Career Force

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