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Each day, we as Americans wake up to so many freedoms and opportunities that can be easy to take for granted. Certainly, we should never take for granted the service members and their families who work diligently to protect those opportunities and keep our nation free and brave. Unfortunately, so many families of service members have to make a choice: stay close by following their veteran spouses and forfeit those working opportunities that come with having a consistent long term home, or suffer weeks and months away from their loved one. For those who have chosen to move around and stay close together, the prospect of consistent and reliable work opportunities is a rarity that generally is not enjoyed.

Creating Remote Working Opportunities for Veterans and Veteran Dependents.

Here at the Ad Junkies, those sacrifices do not go unnoticed and we have recognized that we have an opportunity to make a difference. One hundred percent of our team operate in a remote work environment. Whether in the States or abroad, we are proud to make our opportunity available to qualified and talented Americans world-wide. This means that our opportunity is perfect for many military families domestic and abroad. While we may only be one industry and a small niche at that, we believe that we can still make a difference and are proud to support our military. As such, more than half of our team at the Ad Junkies come from active duty military families.

Enter the Ad Junkies

Recognized by America's Career Force

In late 2016, our talent acquisition team began discussing and researching effective and creative ways of growing our roster with talented people who had a passion for service. It was out of this effort that we discovered a largely untapped resource... America's Career Force.

America's Career Force is a private non-profit organization started by military spouses specifically to help military spouses get to work by bringing opportunities to them wherever they happen to be... usually somewhere remote. A 2012 study by the Rand© Corporation revealed that as many as 42% of military spouses are unemployed. The team at America's Career Force understood that this could lead to a feeling of being disconnected socially while also representing a tremendous pool of untapped talent.

At the time, we were experiencing a strong need for passionate people who would represent the brands of the publications we manage in a positive way. When we found America's Career Force, our own Anna Girdner, a Coast Guard veteran herself, thought that this could be the perfect fit for the Ad Junkies opportunity. Now, over a year later, nearly half of our Ad Junkies come from military families and we are proud to be recognized as a Featured Company in America's Career Force Winter 2018 Newsletter. This is truly an honor for us and we couldn't be happier with the team of people that we have been able to develop while utilizing such a precious resource.

If you are a Corporation or a Business Owner who would like to know more about America's Career Force, you can visit their website here:

the Ad Junkies: Proud to be a featured company with America's Career Force

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