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Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Digital Marketing Specialists are the core of our newest segment at the Ad Junkies... the Ad Junkies Digital Advertising Program

Description- Our business partners come from a wide variety of fields and industries. Some market services while others sell a physical product. The mission of our Digital Marketing Specialists is to become intimate with the business through their daily objectives and develop a social media ad strategy that best advances their cause.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Attracting new clients through an active sales effort.

  • Engaging our team environment through our chat and web conferencing platforms.

  • Coordinating Digital ads that are attractive and relevant to our client's business.

  • Working and managing the Digital ad development process for Ad Junkies clients.

  • Conducting bi-weekly and/or quad-weekly planning sessions with the business manager.

  • Developing a personal improvement plan to maximize the efficient use of our resources.

  • Following the Ad Junkies protocol and program guidelines while fulfilling orders placed through our service.

  • Maintaining a consistent project availability between nominal business hours. (9am-6pm Eastern)

this is a 1099 private contract sales role

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